Wind Creek Casinos Donate $100000 to Three Tornado-Damaged Organizations

WETUMPKA, AL (WSFA) - Pastor Jonathan Yarboro was grateful for the $50,000 donation by Wind Creek Casinos, an answered prayer to help them recover.

“We were very touched. I was very touched and the session was unanimous in accepting the gift because Wind Creek is a good community partner," said Yarboro.

“As you can see there is so much destruction in the aftermath of the tornado that came through on the 19th and we’re here to offer a hand," said Wind Creek Public Relations Specialist Kristen Vaughn.

Yarboro was not alone. The First Baptist Church across the street received a $25,000 contribution by the Creeks. The tribe also remembered the Wetumpka Police Department with a $25,000.

There is no definitive word whether the police department building can be saved but word Monday is structural engineers are leaning towards that it can’t.

“Lots of equipment that was damaged and destroyed and that will go towards that," said Chief Benton.

“Their intention was to use it to rebuild our building. We asked if we did not need it for that purpose we could use it to help rebuild the community at large and they said yes," said Rev. Yarboro.

This part of Wetumpka is quiet Monday compared to the shock that followed the tornado more than a week ago. Private homeowners and the churches are now dealing with their respective insurance companies.

“Fortunately, we have good insurance," Yarboro said.

Yarboro says they were over-insured and will rebuild on the same site with same design.

“As soon as it’s possible to start reconstruction, we will," he said.

And that new church will include the original church bell that was found late Monday in the rubble about 40 yards from the steeple.

Pastor Yarboro says the immediate goal is to get the make-shift building behind the church ready for them to hold services. Pastor Yarboro believes that building will be ready by the end of February.

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