Managing Facebook Reviews

The latest guest reviews are automatically pulled from each property’s Facebook page and displayed on that property’s home page. Negative reviews and reviews with less than 40 characters are automatically filtered out, but sometimes spam and other low-quality reviews may still be displayed. To prevent this, you can manage a list of keywords to block within Sitecore. Reviews that contain any of these words or phrases will be hidden, and the next high-quality review will be loaded (if available), so there are always 3 reviews displayed.

The list of blocked keywords can be found at /sitecore/content/Wind Creek/Wind Creek/Data/Blocked Facebook Reviews. Each keyword is stored as a separate item under this folder. Here you can add, edit, and delete keywords (note: the order of keywords in this folder doesn’t matter).


To add a new keyword:


  1. Right-click on the parent folder and insert a new Blocked Facebook Review item.
  2. Give it a short descriptive name, then add the word or phrase to the field called Keyword to Match. The item name is only used internally within the CMS and has no effect on the blocking. In many cases, the value in the keyword field and the item name can be the same, but remember that item names can’t contain any special characters, while the keyword field can. The name just has to be unique within this folder.
  3. When you’re done, publish the item or parent folder to start blocking the review.

This folder contains the list of all blocked keywords. In the highlighted example, you can see all reviews that contain the word “bitcoin” will be hidden.

This field can contain longer phrases in order to match a specific review

Tips for Keywords

  • In order to ensure an exact match, it’s helpful to copy the exact review text you want to block from the property home page, and paste it directly into the keyword field. This should work well in most cases, but sometimes it might not work due to hidden formatting characters that are part of the HTML. In that case, try using a different keyword/phrase.

  • Single keywords or short phrases will result in a broader match and more reviews will be hidden. If you’re trying to hide a specific review, make sure you use a longer phrase that’s unique to that review.

  • When the words and phrases in the Keyword to Match field are compared to the review text, the comparison is not case-sensitive, e.g. typing “bitcoin” in this field will match any combination of “Bitcoin”, “BITCOIN”, etc.