If you move, rename, or delete a page, you can create a 302 redirect to send users to a new page so they don’t see a 404 error page. Redirects can also be used to create short vanity URLs that send users to a deeper URL path within the site.

You can right click on any page in Sitecore and insert a new Redirect item. The folder where you insert the redirect controls the parent path, and the name of the item controls the last part of the path. Then you set the destination page using the Redirection URL field (click the Insert link button above the field to open the page selection popup).

For example, if you want to redirect the URL path /atmore/dining/starbucks-coffee to /atmore/dining/starbucks, first browse to the Atmore dining folder (/sitecore/content/Wind Creek/Wind Creek/Home/Atmore/Dining). Right click on that folder and insert a new redirect named “Starbucks Coffee”. Notice how the name of the item matches the last part of the URL you want to redirect (“starbucks-coffee”). Then click the Insert link button above the Redirection URL field and select the existing Starbucks page. Finally, publish the new item.

Sitecore also supports Redirect Pages, but these are used less frequently on the Wind Creek site. If you use a Redirect Page instead of a Redirect, Sitecore will insert a placeholder link for that page in the dynamic navigation menus (e.g. the footer links).