Sponsorship Calendar


This page uses an Event Calendar component to dynamically pull in a list of events from the CMS. The events are defined under /sitecore/content/Wind Creek/Wind Creek/Data/Event Calendars/Sponsorship Calendar. In this folder, you can create, edit, or delete the events listed on this page. The page lists events in the same order they are listed in this folder, so you can also drag and drop items to arrange the order.

To create a new event, right click on the parent folder and insert a new Event item. Give it a unique name. It will automatically be inserted at the bottom of the list.

Note: By default, the item name you choose in this step will automatically populate the Event Title field when the item is created, but you can set a custom title in the next step. In that case, the item name will only be displayed in the CMS, and the value in the event title field will be displayed on the page.

The following fields are available on each event:

  1. Event Title: Displayed as the heading for each event block

  2. Event Date: The specific date or date range of the event

  3. Event Location Name: The name of the venue

  4. Event Street Address: The street address of the location

  5. Event City State ZIP: The city, state, and ZIP code of the location

  6. Event Description: A rich text box for the event details. For ideal formatting, make sure the text is wrapped in paragraph (<p>) tags.

  7. Event Beneficiary: The name of the beneficiary. The “Beneficiary:“ label is automatically added.

  8. Event Link: A link to read more about the event. This is typically a link to a third-party website, so make sure you click the button above this field that says Insert external link. In the popup window that appears, set the Link description (all existing events say “Learn More”), the URL, and then set the Target window to New browser.

  9. Event Image: A custom image to display. Leave blank to automatically use an alternating red and grey Wind Creek logo.

How the fields are displayed on the sponsorship calendar

There are 2 additional settings for the calendar itself. These fields are available on this item: /sitecore/content/Wind Creek/Wind Creek/Data/Event Calendars/Sponsorship Calendar. The Calendar Title, which is displayed in the red bar at the top of the calendar, and the No Events Message, which is a block of text or HTML that will be displayed as a placeholder if the events folder is empty for some reason.

The Calendar Title and No Events Message fields