COVID Procedures

We have established the following protocols and taken the necessary steps to ensure that you will be protected during your appointment:

Salon and Barber Shop

  • The Shop has a Barbicide Certification which ensures proper disinfecting procedures.
  • Shields have been installed to create a barrier for customers.
  • Disinfecting for each service area will occur before and after each appointment.
  • We have installed new nail station counter tops to ensure more effective sanitizing.
  • Sanitizer stations are available throughout both shops.
  • Proper social distancing for customers and operators is enforced.
  • Back to back scheduling is eliminated to promote time separation between appointments.


  • Staff will follow sanitizing procedures, using proper disinfecting chemicals.
  • Staff will wash their hands thoroughly before and after contact with every client.
  • A new set of gloves will be used on every client.
  • All staff will wear masks and face shields at all times.
  • The time between schedules/appointments allow the staff to properly sanitize service areas.
  • Staff’s body temperature is taken prior to starting work. Any staff who has a body temperature reading of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will be sent home. This staff member will be quarantined a minimum of 14 days, and must have a doctor’s clearance to come back to work.

We Need Your Help!

  • If you are sick, please stay at home. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you when you are feeling better.
  • When you arrive in the lobby, there will be two chairs outside of the door. These chairs will be placed according to social distancing procedures. We will no longer have a waiting area in the salon or barber shop. Someone will come and get you when it is time for your appointment.
  • Your temperature will be taken by an infrared thermometer before entering the salon. If your body temperature reading is 100.4 degrees or higher, we will reschedule your appointment.