Winner's Circle Plus


Sunday, April 24th • 6:05pm
  • Ticket Drawing
  • Prize Booster

How to Qualify

Receive one entry for every $1,200 and above jackpot won between 12am on Sunday, March 27th and 11:59pm on Saturday, April 23rd.


You will be given your jackpot drawing entry ticket at the time of your jackpot payout. Place your entry ticket in the drawing drum located at Center Stage between 2pm and 6pm. Drawing begins at 6:05pm for a chance to win prizes ranging from $1,000 to $15,000 FREE Play! If no one wins the $15,000 FREE Play, additional names will be drawn to win $500 FREE Play.

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Criteria for Participants is as follows:

  • Guests will be invited based on the following criteria:
  • Guests awarded a $1,200 jackpot or more from Sunday March 27th, 2022 at 12AM to Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 11:59PM.
  • Tickets can be in the following form:
  • Tickets printed from CMP with Guest’s name and account number.
  • Guests will be invited back to the Wind Creek Wetumpka property to insert their entry ticket(s) into the drawing barrel located at the center stage between 2PM – 6PM.
  • Tickets will be drawn from a drawing drum/barrel located at the center stage at 6:05PM. Said drawing drum/barrel will be secured under lock and key and will remain under surveillance throughout the duration of the promotion.
  • Ten (10) winners will be drawn from the drawing drum/barrel each promotional day beginning at 6:05pm.
  • At the time of the regular and/or Grand Prize drawing:
    • If the winner is present, he will present his Rewards Card and valid ID to claim his prize. If a winner does not have their ID, CMP will be checked for a valid photo ID and verified by the Security Officer or Manager on duty.
    • A Security Officer or Manager on duty will be present and will verify all winners.
    • If a Guest is not present within three (3) minutes of his name being called, another name will be pulled from CMP Electronic Quick Draw (EQD), CMP Pick Random Player, or the Drawing Drum every three (3) minutes until enough Guests are present for the round to begin. If a Guest is en-route to the stage and can’t make it in three (3) minutes time limit –they can notify a Team Member to radio the stage. It will be announced that the Guests are en-route. If the Guest has notified Security they are en-route said Guest will have five (5) minutes to arrive at the stage from the time of the notification.
  • Once all ten (10) Guests are present, Guests will play a game or choose an item or an envelope from a field of 24 items or envelopes in the order in which they were called.
  • Each item or envelope will contain a prize description.
  • Items or envelopes will be prepared in advance of the drawing.
  • Interactive games will be played.
  • Guests can win once per promotional day.
  • Guests must be present to win.
  • Guests must have tickets dropped in drawing drum no later than 6pm on each drawing date.
  • com component: Guests can acquire the prize booster promo perk from the WStore to BOOST their prize with an additional $500 in FREE Play.
  • Guests receive one (1) entry for every jackpot of $1,200 or more won at WCW.
  • Games Department will print an entry ticket at the time of the jackpot payout.
  • Guests must hold/maintain entry tickets until day of the drawing.
  • No reprints will be made.
  • Drawing drum will be located at the CENTER STAGE and will open at 2pm on drawing day. The draw will remain open until 6pm.
  • Ten (10) tickets will be drawn from the drawing barrel.
  • In case of a duplicate name being drawn, an additional/entry(ies) will be drawn as Guests may only win once per drawing.
  • Guests will select two (2) virtual/physical prize cards but can choose only one to open to reveal their prize.
  • There are 24 FREE Play prize items which will include the following amounts: (14) $1,000, (3) $1,500, (1) 2,000, (1) $2,500, (1) $3,000, (2) $4,000, (1) $5,000 and (1) $15,000.
  • If a Guest does not claim the $15,000 FREE Play prize, ten (10) additional entry tickets will be drawn from the barrel and those Guests will each be awarded $500 FREE Play.
  1. All participants must be members of Wind Creek Rewards.
  2. Guests must provide a valid government or state issued ID to become a member.
  3. The Rewards membership is provided FREE of charge.
  4. Must be 21 years of age or older to participate.
  5. Must not be on the Casino’s self-exclusion list to be eligible to participate in the drawing. If a self-excluded person is identified, he or she will be handled in accordance with Casino’s policy.
  6. The following are not eligible to participate in this promotion or win any prize herein:
    • Employees of WCH or WCH subsidiaries.
    • Marketing, Security, and PLAYER SERVICES Department employees’ immediate family members, persons or significant affiliation, or members of Marketing, Security, and PLAYER SERVICES DEPARTMENT employees’ immediate households (immediate family members are mother, father, siblings, spouse, or children). Persons of significant affiliation includes but not limited to a partner or fiancé. Immediate household is defined as anyone living in/at the same address/residence.
  7. The following guests are not eligible to participate in any electronic drawing promotion or win any prizes:
    • Immediate family members (mother, father, siblings, spouse, or children) or anyone that resides in the same household or address of persons of significant affiliation with any team member at any Wind Creek Hospitality or PCI Gaming property with CMP access. Persons of significant affiliation include but are not limited to a partner or fiancé.
    • Participating vendors.
    • WCH Directors and above, their immediate family members, and members of their immediate households (immediate family members are mother, father, siblings, spouse, or children).
    • Neither a Tribal Council Member, PCI Gaming Board Member, Tribal Gaming
      Commissioner, nor their respective immediate family member’s or person of significant affiliation and adults living in the household shall be permitted to participate in any promotional activity of the Tribe’s gaming facilities. Persons of significant affiliation includes but not limited to a partner or fiancé. Immediate household is defined as anyone living in/at the same address/residence.
  8. Guest’s willingness to be randomly selected or willingness to receive a FREE entry ticket constitutes permission for a Wind Creek Hospitality representative to announce the guest’s name in a public manner.
  9. Acceptance of prize constitutes winner’s permission to use his/her likeness or name for publicity/promotional uses without compensation. Winners must agree to sign a publicity release.
  10. Any situation or dispute not covered by the rules will be resolved by Wind Creek Hospitality in a manner deemed by them to be the fairest to all concerned and that decision shall be final and binding by all participants.
  11. In addition, Wind Creek Hospitality reserves the right to void any entry and change, cancel or modify this event at any time without notice.

Promo Perks

Prize Booster

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